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About the Proactive Twelve Steps / Key ideas

As we develop a deeper sense of who we truly are, we increase our ability to lead a more fulfilling life. This, in turn, makes it easier to make difficult changes.

In addition to the List of Proactive 12 Steps / Online Workbook, the following articles represent key ideas of this approach:

About the Proactive Twelve Steps online workbook

Higher Power as Inner Power: How to achieve lasting change from inside out

A mindful, proactive quest for serenity, courage & wisdom

Codependency: Proactive 12 steps & codependent relationships

Mindfulness & breaking the vicious cycle of addiction

Alternative non-religious 12 Steps for humanists, agnostics & atheists

Note for therapists about the Proactive 12 Steps in therapy


Written by Serge Prengel. Contributions from so many people that there is no room to acknowledge them individually - - just express gratitude to all of them.

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