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FAQ about the Proactive 12 Steps

This site describes the Twelve Steps as a proactive, mindful process of personal change: As we develop a deeper sense of who we truly are, we increase our ability to lead a more fulfilling life. This, in turn, makes it easier to make difficult changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do the 12 steps talk so much about life change and so little about habits that need to change?

Why are the Proactive Twelve Steps written from the perspective of “I”, as opposed to “we” like the traditional Twelve Steps?

What is the process of change in the Proactive 12 Steps?

Inner Power vs Higher Power

Coping mechanisms: Putting addiction within a broader framework

Codependency: Proactive 12 steps & codependent relationships

How do the Proactive Twelve Steps deal with the notion of sin?

Do we have free will?

Are there meetings & other resources?


What does mindfulness have to do with addiction?

Bearing witness: Obituary for a young woman who died as a result of addiction


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