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Step 10 of the Proactive 12 Steps

I live mindfully, paying attention to the causes and effects of my actions.

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Step 10, above, is part of the Beta version of the 4th edition of the Proactive 12 Steps. A video commentary on each step has been released over the past few months. Now is the time to share with us your feedback on the commentary:
- What do you find helpful?
- What would you want more of?
- What would you add or change?

Your comments on each specific step and on the approach as a whole are welcome. Please share your comments.

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Transcript of Step 10 video

Step 10 is essentially a way to describe the way you have actually progressed so far, through these other steps, through the repeated practice, through that mindful paying attention to what's happening moment by moment, through learning from your past, through actually behaving differently with people. There is now more of a sense of ease in your life. And a sense of living mindfully comes more naturally. As human beings, we all have a tendency to have knee jerk reactions, we all have a tendency to go to a default mode, to go to the easy way. We all have a tendency to be reactive, and sometimes inappropriately emotional.

So I'm not in any way trying tell you you stop being human, and to stop having these limitations. But it's more second nature, now, to really shift from that reactive, knee jerk, or scared, or overwhelmed mode… to coming back to a place where you can be yourself, and engage with other people. That's what that mindful attitude, that way of living mindfully is.

So, Step 10 is about being conscious that this is something you've made tremendous headway on, and this is something that you are motivated to keep doing for the rest of your life, because it feels good.

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