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The Proactive Twelve Steps (book and eBook)

The Proactive Twelve Steps outline how you can take a proactive approach to life, gradually stepping up from feeling stuck and powerless to enjoying a more balanced and happy life. The specific steps were inspired by the original Twelve Steps, but rewritten to describe a process of mindful personal growth. They define the 'steps' pragmatically, as a self-directed process, as opposed to a mystical process in which change somehow happens to you.

The 4th edition of this book will be available by the Fall of 2019. Compared to earlier editions, there are substantial differences in the wording of the steps, and in the commentary. If you buy a book from an online bookstore, please note that you will only be getting the 3rd edition (2016).

The 4th edition is now available online on this site:

Alternative 12 steps | Online Workbook

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