Secular alternative 12 Steps: Proactive Twelve Steps

This is the 6th edition of the Proactive Twelve Steps. It is an alternative version of the Twelve Steps, without God. It is not just for atheists and agnostics, but for everybody who wants to make sense of how change happens. Click on the link under each step for a discussion of the step. At the end of each page, there is a printable PDF of the step’s discussion.

Step 1:

I face reality. I am not able to control what I do, and this has serious consequences.

See: Discussion of Step 1

Step 2:

I understand that I cannot force change through willpower. I need to disentangle my life patiently.

See: Discussion of Step 2

Step 3:

Moment by moment, I take a mindful pause to deal with my life calmly and effectively.

See: Discussion of Step 3

Step 4:
I examine my life with honesty, searching for patterns in how I have been relating to people and situations.

See: Discussion of Step 4

Step 5:

I explore these patterns and describe them to another person, noticing the healing power of compassionate listening.

See: Discussion of Step 5

Step 6:

I understand how these patterns have been ways of coping with my fears.

See: Discussion of Step 6

Step 7:

I learn to accept the sense of vulnerability that goes with life’s pressures and uncertainties.

See: Discussion of Step 7

Step 8:

I explore alternative behaviors and rehearse them in safe settings.

See: Discussion of Step 8

Step 9:

I apply these new mindful behaviors in my everyday life. I sincerely apologize to people I have hurt, except when counterproductive.

See: Discussion of Step 9

Step 10:

I keep paying attention to the causes and effects of my actions. I act accordingly.

See: Discussion of Step 10

Step 11:

I make space in my life for mindful reflection. A sense of meaning and purpose naturally arises from that.

See: Discussion of Step 11

Step 12:

My life reflects a growing sense of respect and compassion for myself and others. I share this process with others who are struggling.

See: Discussion of Step 12

Also: Printable PDF of the Proactive 12 Steps