Note for therapists about the Proactive 12 Steps in therapy

Therapists have been using the Proactive 12 Steps with groups as well as individuals.

The following comment, from a therapist who used the book in a group, is typical: The direct feedback from my patients is that they ‘can relate’ to the wording and explanation of the steps, they find it’s easier to personalize.

Book review for therapists in International Body Psychotherapy Journal:

The Proactive Twelve Steps is a great resource for our clients who are dealing with addiction or other manifestations of trauma. It provides a user-friendly framework that helps clients practice, on their own, a mindful process of self-discovery that is consistent with what we do in therapy. (See the full review).

Your clients do not need to purchase the book. They’re welcome to use the pages on this site or download the free PDFs.

Here are some specific suggestions on how to work on these Steps with clients.

I appreciate your feedback about using these steps in your practice.