Mindfulness & addiction

In this 80-second video, Dr Karen Taback talks about the vicious cycle of addiction and how to break it. Please note that this video was shot outside, and is noisy.

Addiction is fueled by dissatisfaction with life, and results in people being caught in a vicious cycle: You need to use drugs or alcohol to escape, but using substances in turn induces guilt and shame and adds to your sense of feeling overwhelmed. A mindful approach helps people identity the underlying trauma and work through it.

Dr. Taback is the Founder and former Director of the Addiction Studies Program at East Los Angeles College and the Chair Emeritus of the Psychology Department. She is presently teaching and doing clinical work with clients dealing with addiction and mental health challenges.

Produced by Doneliya Deneva, a Georgetown University graduate with a master’s degree in Journalism who has written and produced a number of stories aiming to help others find hope or suggesting alternative ways to improve our daily life. See also: Take the 3 day challenge to be what you need.