The Humanist Twelve Steps by B. F. Skinner

The Proactive 12 steps are a humanist alternative to the traditional 12 steps. Many people have worked on secular alternatives to the traditional steps. One of the best known is the one written by famous psychologist B. F. Skinner. His goal was to outline a process that makes sense for nonreligious as well as religious people.

1. We accept the fact that all our efforts to stop drinking have failed.

2. We believe that we must turn elsewhere for help.

3. We turn to our fellow men and women, particularly those who have struggled with the same problem.

4. We have made a list of the situations in which we are most likely to drink.

5. We ask our friends to help us avoid those situations.

6. We are ready to accept the help they give us.

7. We honestly hope they will help.

8. We have made a list of the persons we have harmed and to whom we hope to make amends.

9. We shall do all we can to make amends, in any way that will not cause further harm.

10. We will continue to make such lists and revise them as needed.

11. We appreciate what our friends have done and are doing to help us.

12. We, in turn, are ready to help others who may come to us in the same way

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